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Time Changes Things...

Setting up a Podcast is nothing like writing a blog, or at least that’s what it feels like right now as I stumble through a software and audio productions learning curve. When I first began writing about wine in 2007 with my brother Terry in a blog called: The Two Wine Brothers, writing a wine blog was easy and fun. Find a bottle (or better yet, have one given to me) sip it, sip again, and let my writing juices flow and for several years we wrote about wines, about wine industry practices, consumers, and marketing. It was a bonding opportunity for me and my brother.

But time changes things.

I began to get more into the science and art of wine making and made more wine than anyone needs to, blew up a few bottles in the process, earned my wine making credentials and ultimately joined a mid-sized winery as a cellar hand and winemaker assistant before taking on the wholesale program.

But things change.

My mother who had been in poor health began a steady decline and so I left my wine job to care for her while she lived out her final days at home with me and my wife, Jill, taking care of her alongside our hospice professionals. It was a difficult time. I didn’t write and the cocoon we built for ourselves left little room for wine, writing or much else. Then it was over.

Things change.

It was a difficult, painful and prolonged transition from when my mother died and I began to give a shit about much. I was angry with my brother, broken-hearted from the loss of my beloved mom, and I half-heatedly began to rebuild my life, my work life and try to re-center.

Then things changed.

I launched a marketing and consulting business specializing in wine industry and a few assorted other clients. It was during this time that I was helping a client produce a series of television commercials that I met Kirk. owner of a video production company. After one of our shoots we were having dinner and we started chatting about life goals and documentary film making came up: I wanted to make one and he wanted to make another one, an award-winner.

Then it clicked.

I don’t know why it took so long for me to figure this out but in the world of wine there are a half-dozen wine documentaries, most of which tend to be about the process of becoming a sommelier or the haughty side of wine. What to me was lacking was the story of the grapes and region I was working, regular folks creating something special – in the Midwest. So I pitched the story idea to Kirk and we stewed on it for a while and ultimately we began to move forward with the idea.

Then we pitched.

We had a story idea, we knew industry people, but we didn’t have much money and we’d have to do this on the side, on our own time. So we began by launching a couple fundraising efforts and earned enough money to pay for a few trips, burn 1,000 DVD’s, and to give us some space to make a movie.

The film was successful!

We entered our film into a number of film festivals and we were fortunate enough to garner attention and a few awards. Now our film, called Wine Diamonds: Uncorking America’s Heartland is streaming worldwide and for sale on Amazon, VIMEO and on our website: www.winediamondsfilm.com

Things are changing again.

We moved to Seattle 2 ½ years ago so my wife could attend medical school and I’ve met wine friends in the expanding Washington wine industry. Since the film work is complete I’ve been looking for something meaningful to work on, have missed writing about wines, and have listened to several wine podcasts and thought I could use the interviewing skills I’ve honed over a lifetime of research and more recently film making – so here goes!

Now, a new Wine Podcast.

I am creating a new wine podcast called the Theory of Wine and it’s my intention to interview winemaker rock stars, trendsetters, fun and interesting folks in the wine industry, and share my love of wine by focusing on my guests stories.

I hope you’ll follow along!



Wine Diamonds Trailer:

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