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Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Hi Wine Friends,

My name is Brad Johnson, the host of the NEW Theory of Wine podcast and accompanying blog. I've been making wine since 2005 and have held positions in the wine industry since 2008, as a winemaker assistant, cellar rat, wine wholesale program manager, tasting room trainer, wine competition judge, wine writer, wine documentary filmmaker, and winery marketing consultant. I dig wine, the people behind the wine, the grapes, and the under appreciated and lesser known varietals out there. Since completing my last major film project, a documentary movie called "Wine Diamonds: Uncorking America's Heartland" I've been searching for a thing, a new adventure, and this podcast is just the thing.  In my podcast we'll interview winemakers, trendsetters, bloggers and writers, and learn what makes them tick. In the process we hope to have a little irreverent fun, learn a few things, and one thing is for certain: I'll never tell you how to hold your wine glass or what wines you "ought" to like, but I will encourage you to try something new and I hope you let me know what wines you're loving, who the innovative and creative winemakers are, and what's in your glass.

Cheers, wine friends!


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