• Brad Johnson

Gorman Winery Crush 2018

It's crush time in the Pacific Northwest and I recently visited Gorman Winery in Woodinville, WA (Warehouse District) to take a few photos of their process. It's clear when a winery has it's wine making act together; the process flows smoothly, people know what to do and where to be, and cellar folks are busy running tests to determine Brix, pH, and TA and fermentation is actively tended to and managed with a gentle hand; volunteers working hard to ensure only the best grapes reach the crusher, and the owner/winemaker is in the thick of it: driving forklifts, picking out leaves and other MOG (material other than grapes), showing appreciation to the volunteers by refilling coffee and making sure snacks are handy, and of course, keeping an eye on the big picture of the crush-pad operation.

Yes, it's true great wines are made in the vineyard, but truly superlative wineries take those incredible berries and though it's not well understood yet, some master winemakers speak the language of the vine and the resultant wines are extraordinary.

Great Grapes + Exceptional Wine making + Attention to Detail = Incredible Wines! Some of the WORLDS best wines are coming from the vineyards of Washington State - #RedMountain, in particular, and at wineries like Gorman Winery. Highly recommended.

Disclosure: As part of my full-disclosure policy it is important to share with you that I only endorse wines that I've personally tasted, wineries that I have first-hand knowledge of, and I'll let you know if I get paid to write/review; or if I have a personal relationship or friendship with anyone I interview, photograph, or recommend. In this case my son, Logan, is the Cellar Master at Gorman Winery and I have recently volunteered during a crush operation.

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