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Episode 1 - "Alt Ways into Wine"

When I set out to create this wine podcast I knew that I wanted to talk with interesting wine people from inside the industry, but also those along the periphery, and folks who blaze their own trail. In today's episode we'll talk with two individuals that have created their own route into the wine world, Marc Supsic and Penny Fitzgerald.

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Guest #1 - Marc Supsic

Marc Supsic, is a wine and spirits professional who is making a name for himself as an independent consultant, writer and video producer. Marc Supsic is a WSET Diploma-Certified wine & spirits professional from the Philly 'burbs. Over the last five years he has been making a name for himself, with an uncharacteristically down-to-earth approach to wine, spirits and food pairing. He’s even been described as a “Rebel Sommelier;” educated and experienced, with a broad depth of knowledge, yet he prefers sipping wine in ripped jeans and a flannel on the back patio, while listening to Iron Maiden. The word, iconoclast, comes to mind.

As a YouTube host (Wine Living with Marc Supsic), Marc has produced over 200 videos about wine, spirits, food and culture (you can find them all there). As an events coordinator, host and teacher, he's led private wine events and tastings for thousands of people at all levels of experience.

Clients and followers certainly find his approach refreshing. Marc is increasingly showing up in prominent wine and lifestyle publications, blogs, podcasts, radio and media over the past few years. Philly Style Magazine recently dubbed him as a, “Private Sommelier,” a new breed of wine professionals who are reinventing themselves to meet the needs of today's Wine Lovers.

Tri State Trinity

This bottle/label (right) is the new wine that Marc talked about during the interview.

You can connect with Marc Supsic here:

Website - www.wineliving.info

Youtube - Wine Living

Facebook - Wine Living on FB

Twitter - Wine Living on Twitter

Penny Fitzgerald

Guest #2 - Penny Fitzgerald

Penny Fitzgerald, is an Emerald Director and Independent Consultant with The Traveling Vineyard whose mission “is to share the love of good wine with the world.”

Penny has consistently achieved the distinction of being among Traveling Vineyard’s Top 5 Elite Leaders, earning multiple incentive trips and Elite Retreats to fabulous destinations around the world. She’s also earned numerous company awards including being honored as Traveling Vineyard’s annual Spirit of the Vineyard for her service to the company and team members across the country.

Penny is a sought-after wine event speaker and has presented at Traveling Vineyard’s annual national conventions and multiple Regional Events offering training and motivation for other leaders and Wine Guides in the field.

Penny has a great nose for wine and is thrilled to be judge at several wine competitions, including the Mid American Wine Competition, led by Bob Foster & Master Sommelier and Master of Wine, Doug Frost.

Penny leads and supports a team of 600 Wine Guides from across the country and loves sharing the Wine Guide Life!

LISTEN to Episode 1

Want to know more about the Wine Guide Life?

Penny Fitzgerald

Emerald Director & Independent Wine Guide

Traveling Vineyard®


email: ttvwinechick@gmail.com

website: www.TTVwinechick.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TTVwinechick/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ttvwinechick/

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