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Ep 8 - Augusta Winery

My Guest, Tony Kooyumjian, is the owner/winemaker of Augusta Winery located in Augusta, Missouri and is a third generation vineyard owner and grape grower.

Winemaking is in Tony’s blood as his grandmother immigrated to California from Armenia in 1915 to escape the massacres taking place in ancient Armenia during this time of Ottoman rule. She established a vineyard in the San Joaquin Valley which she operated with her son until 1960.

Tony Kooyumjian began his professional career as an airline pilot traveling around the globe and began to embrace fine wines. It was around then that the rebirth of the Missouri Wine Industry was taking off and in 1980, Tony crafted his first wines producing 420 cases!

By 1998 Tony was flying full-time for American Airlines, owned two Missouri wineries and in 2001 decided to retire from flying and devote his full attention to the wine business.

Today, Augusta Winery produces fine wines, has won “best of show” awards in important wine competitions, “best imported wine to Germany”, and 5 Missouri Governor Cup Awards.

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Want to learn more about Augusta Winery?

Website: https://www.augustawinery.com/

Buy Augusta Winery Wines: http://www.augustawinery.com/wine-store.html

Facebook: Facebook.com/AugustaWinery

Twitter: Twitter.com/AugustaWinery 

Want to know more about the Missouri Wine Industry and Norton?

MoWines: https://missouriwine.org/

Norton: https://missouriwine.org/wines/varietals/Norton

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