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Ep 6 - Timber Hill Winery

My Guest for Episode 6 of the Theory of Wine is Amanda Stefl, the owner/winemaker of Timber Hill Winery located in southcentral Wisconsin and she is one of the youngest female winemaker and winery owners in the Midwest.

Amanda prides herself in making wines with youthful energy and lasting impressions. After studying Microbiology at the University of Iowa and continuing her education in Wine Making and Winery Management at Kirkwood Community College, Amanda has been able to mix her interest in wine, education and contribute to the growing wine industry of Wisconsin.

Offering more than twenty varieties from her small family-run winery she crafts wines grown with the spirit of the local artisan.

Timber Hill Winery’s delicious wines are sure to leave wine lovers with a lively impression they’ll never forget.

Wisconsin has an impressive and eclectic grape growing and wine making industry and Amanda works with a handful of grape growers throughout Wisconsin, all who appreciate and celebrate the local viticulture.

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You can connect and follow Timber Hill Winery here:

Website: www.TimberHillWinery.com

Buy Timber Hill Winery wines: https://timberhillwinery.com/shop/

On Facebook: www.facebook.com/timberhillwinery

YouTube - Timber Hill Winery

Twitter - @Timberhillwine - https://twitter.com/timberhillwine

Instagram - @Timberhillwine

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